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Customer Care Telemarketing Services

Customer Care Services

The cost of having to constantly chase new business is much higher than retaining profit within your current customer base when your business has a large customer database,

It’s almost impossible to devote enough attention to every customer all of the time. That means smaller customers with large potential can slip through the cracks and feel unloved, pushing them into the arms of competitors.

With Virtual Cub Customer Care services, you can ensure that your customer base is profiled and segmented to identify those with the highest revenue potential , this means that they’re less likely to look elsewhere for new suppliers due to insufficient contact. 

Our Customer Care Services offer :

- Current customer contact for cross-sell and up-sell

- Keeping customers up to date with latest products, services and changes

Identifying changes in customer circumstances e.g. acquisition, new products or premises

Database validation through identifying personnel changes at your buyers’ businesses